Student/Parent Handbook

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Students will bring home daily agendas each evening to keep parents informed of school activities and homework.  This is an important communication tool between parents and school.  Parents are requested to review and sign the agenda daily and students are expected to return them to school each morning. 


If your child is going to be absent, we ask that you let us know by calling 347-3735. The school will attempt to contact you to let you know if your child has not arrived if you haven’t already notified us of an absence. 


Each month a whole-school assembly is held. Assemblies feature student performances and student recognition.  We believe that these functions are an excellent opportunity for students to receive acknowledgement for their efforts.  Parents are invited

and encouraged to attend whenever possible.  Please check your school newsletter for dates and times.  


We like to take advantage of opportunities to recognize excellence in school work, improvement, good conduct, athletic accomplishment, and other successes.  Many of these are acknowledged formally, however, all students are encouraged to visit the office to share their special achievements with administrators (e.g. awards received outside of school time, a piece of work they are proud of etc.).  


We believe that discipline is the actions that parents and teachers take to increase children’s success.  These actions involve both prevention (rules, routines, arrangements) and reaction (positive and negative consequences).  The key, we believe, to a good discipline policy in a school involves both types of actions.

At École Oriole Park School we care about our students’ social and emotional development as well as their academic successes.  We have high but realistic expectations.  Our staff is dedicated to helping students express themselves in ways that reflect honesty, dignity, safety, concern and respect for others.

Prevention:  Our main school expectation is that the students will:

  • Respect themselves
  • Respect others
  • Respect learning
  • Respect others

We believe that prevention is the key element in any discipline policy.  Therefore, these expectations are taught to the students in direct lessons and with constant, daily feedback. We reinforce the children’s positive behaviour choices through the use of our “Super Kid Coupons” which are awarded to children who demonstrate excellent examples of the above areas of respect.  Half of each coupon goes home for further reinforcement from parents while the other half is used for draws at school.  In a typical school year approximately 10,000 super kid coupons are received by our children.  Positive behaviour choices are further recognized through Super Kid lunches.

Consequences:  All children need guidance from adults to choose appropriate behaviour.  Even though clear expectations, direct teaching and positive reinforcement are provided, there is a need for consequences from time to time when a child exhibits inappropriate behaviours. 

The following have been identified as inappropriate behaviours:

  • physical aggression- including play fighting,
  • verbal aggression- including taunting, racial slurs, threats, profanity, abusive gestures,
  • defiance of authority,
  • willfull damage to, or theft of property,
  • persistent disregard for general expectations for student conduct including continuously disruptive behaviour in class,
  • any other behaviour which interferes with others’ right to be treated with respect.

There are a series of consequences which may apply if a student exhibits inappropriate behaviour.  Consequences for minor infractions include detention, time-out, temporary restriction of privileges or community service.   Major offences may result in a conduct form and/or an in-school suspension.  Out of school suspensions are rare but may be needed in the event of a very serious offence or multiple in-school suspensions.

Misbehavior by individual students is tracked with “red slips.”

Parents:  Parents are key members of the team in helping children learn appropriate behaviour.  Therefore, communication with parents is critical- by phone, note sent home, or the conduct form sent home.  This allows parents the opportunity to discuss the behaviour issues with their children.  


If a student rides a bicycle to school, he/she needs to have a lock to secure the bicycle in the bike racks.  A bicycle helmet is mandatory.  Upon arrival at school, students shall dismount from their bicycles, walk them across the crosswalks, and walk them directly to the racks.  Students shall not return to the rack area until it is time to go home for lunch, or to go home after school. Similarly, if children are using skateboards and scooters, to travel to school, they are asked to walk these across the street and while on school property.  Children may carry these to their classrooms for storage during the day provided there is adequate space in the classroom.  Children MUST remove in-line skates at the school door and carry them to their classrooms for storage.  Helmets should be worn for all “wheeled” transportation. 


Dress Code - Clothing that is offensive to others or which contains words, slogans or pictures that are not in keeping with positive values for children at school is not permitted. Children will be asked to change, cover up or put the shirt on inside out if the shirt is deemed unacceptable.  As a general rule, we ask that parents assist in keeping school a place of work/learning by sending children to school in appropriate clothing We ask that children refrain from wearing make up at school. Oriole Park School is a no hat facility. Children are asked to respect the learning atmosphere of the school by removing hats and hoods in the building.

Clothing - Children are expected to wear runners for physical education.  Grade 4 and 5 children are requested to wear appropriate gym apparel (shorts & t-shirts).

Outdoor Clothing - Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for playing outdoors at recess and noon.  Warm clothing is needed in the winter and rain gear is needed in spring and fall.

Shoes - In order to maintain the cleanliness of the school, we ask that students have one pair of shoes for indoors only.  Runners are quite suitable and can also be used for gym.  For hygiene and safety reasons, we ask that children wear shoes at all times in the building.  In the event of an emergency evacuation, children will not have time to stop and put on shoes. 


There are occasions when a parent or guardian needs to be contacted immediately.  It is the parent’s responsibility to insure that the school has current information regarding the following:

  • correct name
  • alternate phone number
  • address
  • email
  • doctor’s name
  • home phone number
  • Alberta Health Care number
  • work phone number
  • allergies or other medical conditions

*It is IMPERATIVE that an alternate phone number be made available in the event that the school office is unable to locate either parent.  Should a child requireimmediate medical attention, the school will have the child taken to the hospital, and parents will be notified as soon as possible.  We thank you in advance as you consistently update the contact information.

Head Injuries

Any child who has a head injury will be brought to the office.  Parents will be contacted and will determine whether the child will remain in school or be taken for a medical examination.  Head injuries are difficult to diagnose and because concussion is difficult to determine immediately, parents will be expected to check on their child if called about a head injury.


During the year, a variety of activities will be offered to students.  Watch for information on these in the school newsletter.  Examples of the types of activities available include: Choir, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country Ski, Canley Cup & Soccer. If you would like to be involved in helping out or offering a particular activity, please contact the school.


At Oriole Park, we believe that homework demonstrates that both school and home are valuable learning 

environments.  Most parents, teachers and educational researchers agree that the “homework habit’” contributes to school success.  Homework builds good study habits and is a practice to increase speed, mastery and maintenance of skills.  Reading is the single most important activity you can do to improve your child’s school success.  Reading should be the activity for the majority of homework time. 

Parents can help children extend or enrich their learning by: 

  • setting aside a regular time for homework
  • providing a quiet place for study
  • establishing a regular routine for homeworkgiving support, encouragement, praise and assistance to their children's efforts
  • learning as much as possible about the school program
  • communicating closely with teachers
  • making children accountable for completing assigned homework tasks


The Learning Assistance Team (LAT) at Oriole Park works to facilitate inclusive programming and success for all students. The members of the LAT work with teachers and Educational Assistants to ensure quality programming and wraparound services to students. The LAT assists with developing strategies for students with diverse learning needs in a variety of settings, as well as coordinating services, assessments and transitions. The Learning Assistance Centre (LAC) is a room which allows for small group work, collaborative planning, quiet test-taking opportunities, and other student needs.


École Oriole Park School provides free lunchroom supervision from 12:15-12:30.  Students eat their lunches in their classrooms under the supervision of OP staff member.  


We expect students to be aware of any special arrangements needed at noon or after school prior to leaving for school in the morning.  This will prevent classroom learning time from being interrupted in order to deliver messages during the day.


Due to severe student allergies parents are asked to refrain from sending to school nuts, peanut butter and other products containing nuts.


Teachers will supervise the playground for 15 minutes prior to the entry bell, and at recess. During the lunch break the lunchroom supervisors will attend to students who are registered in the lunchroom program.

The playground remains a school playground until 3:05 unless parents are present. The children must go home  and check in.  Then, the parents are welcome to have the children return to the now public playground.  Children must go home and check in prior to playing on the playground after school.  Parents are asked to support this by refraining from telling their children just to stay on the playground after school.  If you would like to discuss this “rule”, please do not hesitate to call the principal at the school.


Students are expected to go outside for fresh air & exercise at recess and at noon.  This helps the children to focus on learning during class time.  Administrators and lunch program supervisors decide on a daily basis if it is too wet or cold to be outdoors.  

As a general rule, we believe that if children are well enough to come to school, they are expected to have an outdoor break with their classmates.  Children who are too ill to go outside are often too ill to be at school.  They do not learn well and provide a possible source of infection for other children.   We encourage these students to stay home as they will probably recuperate more quickly.  We ask that you make sure students have the required clothing and footwear to allow them to enjoy their time outside. Even if weather is somewhat inclement, the short time outside does not hurt the students if they are properly dressed.  

If a student has a condition requiring that he/she remains indoors at recess, or cannot participate in P.E. a note from home is required.


This District program is designed for children with moderate to severe learning difficulties.  The program, which focuses largely on life skills, is designed to meet the individual learning needs of each child.


Student progress is reported formally to parents in December, March and June.  Parent/Teacher/Student conferences will occur in October, December and March.  The October conferences are “intake” meetings where parents share information about their children. All conferences are an important part of the reporting process.  Please make every effort to attend a conference to receive detailed information on your child's progress.  Parents should feel free to contact the teacher to discuss their child's progress during the year as needed.


The After School Program is run by Red Deer Child Care Society and is licensed to provide before and after school care for 28 children.  Hours of operation are: 7:00am – 8:38 am and 3:05pm – 6:00pm.  Fees are assessed on an income basis.  Anyone requiring information regarding the program can call 403-347-7973.


Parents are encouraged to attend monthly School Council meetings to stay informed about school affairs and to provide input.  Meetings last approximately an hour and a half and provide an excellent opportunity to meet other parents and to support your child’s educational program.  Information about School Council meetings is included in the newsletter. The School Council plays an important role in providing input into school policies and procedures including:

  • school culture and climate 
  • child safety 
  • student expectations 
  • student recognition 
  • school enhancement

The Council also has a tremendous impact in creating a solid sense of parent community through the organization of many family fun activities.  A parallel organization Oriole Park Parent Association, is involved in fund raising for school enhancement. 


  • 8:43a.m. - Outdoor Supervision:  
  • 8:58 a.m. - Entry Bell: 
  • 9:00 - 12:10 p.m. - Classes Begin: 
  • 10:15 - 10:45 a.m. - Morning Movement and Snack Break between 
  • 12:10 - 12:40 p.m. - Lunch Recess: 
  • 12:40 - 12: 55 p.m. - Lunch Eating: 
  • 12:55 p.m - Classes Resume: .
  • 2:05 p.m. - 2:20 p.m. - Recess: 
  • 2:20 - 3.25 p.m. - Classes: 
  • 3:25  Dismissal bell


The school newsletter will be posted on the school website at the beginning of every month.


Grade four and five students demonstrate leadership as members of the School Patrol team.  Crosswalks are patrolled after school. Patient motorists who drive slowly and refrain from parking in the crosswalks help the patrols do their job of getting the students across the road safely.


At Oriole Park we believe that all older students should have opportunities for leadership that allow them to feel a sense of contribution to the life of the school.  Some leadership opportunities include:  Coins for Critters, Kitchen Monitors, Milk Monitors, Student Council, School Patrols, Ever Active Team, Assembly MC's, Assembly Set-Up, Student Secretaries, and Tutoring.  These genuine service learning activities also develop in children a sense of the benefit of volunteering.


A phone is located outside the office and is available for student use.  A phone pass from the student’s homeroom teacher is required.


Please label all clothing (boots, mitts, coats) and school supplies with the student’s name.  A Lost and Found box is located outside the gym doors.  Parents are asked to check this regularly. Unclaimed items will be forwarded regularly to a charity. Watches, glasses and other valuables will be kept by the secretary in the office. Contraband items such as, but not limited to the following are not permitted at school: matches, lighters, tobacco products, laser pointers, weapons (knives, martial arts equipment, toy guns or any other guns), drug or alcohol paraphernalia, incendiary devices (fire crackers) or any other potentially dangerous (i.e. erasers with pins in them) or socially unacceptable items.


If you drive your child to school please park along the front or side streets of the school.  Consider parking across the field on Olsen Street if your child uses the back exits.  For the safety of all children, please do not pull into the parking lot during the before and after school rush.


The school supplies notebooks for students.  All other supplies must be provided by the parents.  Supply lists are available from the office or from the school website.  


Students are expected to use information and communication technology (e.g. computers) as an educational resource and in a responsible fashion. Students are subject to disciplinary action in the event of inappropriate or unacceptable use of information and communication technology.

Oriole Park staff would like to discourage children bringing tech. items to school.  We believe that children need to be active and socialize at recess time.  We also know from experience that teaching and learning are disrupted when these toys appear in the classroom.  Children (and parents) can be very upset if these expensive items are lost or stolen.  In addition photos taken by digital cameras or camera phones can, unfortunately, end up somewhere on the Internet.

As a result, we ask your understanding and cooperation:

  1. If parents allow "tech." items to be brought to school, the school cannot be responsible if they are lost or stolen.  Tech. items include video games, disc men, MP3 players, cell phones, tablets, ipods etc.
  2. Digital cameras should not be brought to school by children.
  3. Cell phones must stay in the child's backpack throughout the day if they are brought to school.  If a child needs to phone a parent, they can use the office phone.
  4. Tech. items must stay in backpacks during class time.  A staff member may confiscate an item if it is causing a disruption in class time. We strongly encourage that they are NOT brought out at recess either.


Should a student move to another jurisdiction or different school in Red Deer, parents are asked to:

  1. inform the homeroom teacher,
  2. obtain completed transfer forms from the homeroom teacher or secretary, and return all textbooks and library books.


We are pleased to have many parents join our “staff” as volunteers each year.  If you would like to become more involved in our school program, please contact your child’s teacher or the office. 


“There can be no more powerful an argument in favour of parental involvement in their children’s schooling than the fact that it is strongly and positively associated with children’s achievement in school and attitude toward learning!”   Suzanne Ziegler