Family Ski Day at Canyon Ski Resort

Come out and enjoy the fresh air. A Family Ski Day is planned for March 24th (10am – 5 pm) at Canyon Ski Resort.

A minimum of 25 people are required to access the Group Rate. New this year Canyon has included a Helmet with all rentals. As well the GST is included in all group prices.

*Please Note: Helmets are mandatory for all children participating in a school-sponsored event.  We are taking advantage of a group rate but transportation & supervision of children is the responsibility of the families.

To register for the Family Ski Day:  Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM HERE and send it along with payment to the school by March 10th. Please make cheques payable to Ecole Oriole Park School dated for March 10th.  Contact information for questions or that day: Robyn Bagley 403-318-1214.

  Sorry there is not a reduction in cost if you do not wish a lesson.   Rates are per date, indicate which dates you are skiing/snowboarding/tubing on the registration page.  We are doing ski registration this year, one date at a time.  The next dates are  March 24, forms for those to be sent out one month prior to the date.

Skiing and Rentals                              13 years and over      12 years and under 

Area Pass & Lesson                              $ 25.00                         $ 20.00

Ski & Boot & Helmet Rental                   $ 19.00                         $ 19.00

Snowboard & Boot & Helmet Rental      $ 24.00                         $ 24.00

Lesson Only (season pass holder)        $ 15.00                          $ 15.00

Helmet Rental only                                 $ 5.00                           $ 5.00

Walking Pass (wish to be on the hill but not skiing/snowboarding/tubing) Free, but must be indicated on order sheet and must be worn on hill

Lesson Information: We need to tell Canyon how many lessons and at what level. There must be a minimum of 5 participants in any lesson for Canyon to offer the lesson. As well, Canyon may combine schools for lessons. **Please NOTE: Due to their young age, children 4 years and younger may NOT join a group lesson. Children with special needs may join a group lesson with their aide or parent. Canyon Ski Resort recommends individual private lessons may be booked for those 4 and younger or those with special needs for the price of $40.00/ hour. Private lessons must be booked in advance in order to ensure instructor availability on the day of your trip. Please call (403) 346-7003 to book your own lesson.

For Rental Equipment: 
Each person who is renting equipment needs to provide height, weight and ability level upon rental.

Lesson Ability Levels (for Skiing and Snowboarding)

  • Never Ever - This is your first time on skis or a snowboard.
  • Beginner - You can stop and turn on beginner runs. Your goal is getting up the chairlift, but you are NOT confident on beginner runs.
  • Intermediate - You are confident on beginner and intermediate runs. Your goal is to have better technique and confidence. 
  • Advanced - You can confidently ski or board all the runs at Canyon. Your goal is goal is to gain more confidence on varied terrain and conditions.

Please note: The tubing hill does not open on Fridays until 5pm.  We will not add these on the registration form for February and March but you can add it while you are on the hill the day of for $5.  Just go to the ticket booth with your same day lift ticket to get the add on.


  • The hill opens at 9am, rentals open at 9:30am, lessons start at 10am.
  • Robyn will be on site at 9-9:15am to get the lift tickets.  Robyn will be in the main lobby until the rentals open at 9:30am.  At that time I will go downstairs to rentals and you will need to get your pass from me there. Please see me for your lift tickets.
  • If you need rentals, please proceed downstairs at 9:30am.  Boots are self serve and then see one of the counter attendants for either skis or snowboards and helmets.  You check in with Robyn, also downstairs at the bottom of the stairs before you leave with the numbers for your gear.
  • If you are having a lesson, please be upstairs, gear on outside the building towards the hill by the red snow fence, by the letter for your lesson at 10am.  They will group the lessons and get you out.  If there are more people than they can handle, they will take the A(never ever) and B(beginner) lessons out first.  Lessons are 1hour.  
  • After your lesson or if you aren’t having one you are welcome to ski as much of the day as you like.  
  • Cafeteria upstairs in the lodge.  There is an ATM but they accept cash only.