Ian Oostindie

Administrators - Vice Principal

About Me

I have been with RPDSD since 2007 in Alternative School Programs , LTCHS, HHHS and now Ecole Oriole Park. Much of my work time has been teaching Sciences and Maths with lots of administration work. Previously I have been an educator, both in and outside the classroom, for twenty years in BC and Yukon. I have been involved in many K-12 projects and jobs in the Yukon, but also in Red Deer Public, especially with the Alternative School Programs.  Some of my accomplishments in life include being a foster, step and "bio" dad.

I believe that there is much to be done in our world to make it more unified. Education work, including schooling is a key element toward making progress in this endeavour.

I have served my community through coaching sports, leading public committees and academic challenges like Science Olympics. Day-to-day I assist my schools in many ways, most importantly by doing my job and serving in administration with my actions governed by the belief that student success is a result of many people's guiding work.

One quote by Louis Pasteur I follow is paraphrased: Opportunities are easiest to grab if you are educated.  I believe that there are many ways to educate yourself.  However, in a complex society that we live in, we can not ignore that the public school system is the best one known to complement the work of families, raising their children. Public education pushes for all students to be educated and able to make something from their life opportunities.

The attached picture is taken in December 2018 on Marsh Lake, Yukon by my friend Dennis' house. Dennis encouraged me over 20 years ago to take on an elementary education assignment, as he had done years before.  He started as a high school science teacher, similar to myself. (I am on the left.)